Bowling Trophies

All trophies include a FREE personalized
nameplate with no limit on the number of letters.

All trophies are custom! Your choice of figure style and color of columns & nameplates.


Economy 1

BowlingEcon1.jpg (198829 bytes)

8 inches tall
$8.50 each.

Economy 2

BowlingEcon2 912inches.jpg (242716 bytes)

9 1/2 inches tall.

$11.50 each


Economy Participant

BowlingParticipant.jpg (266185 bytes)

It's 6 inches tall
$4.95 each.

Last Place
Goofy Bowler

BowlerGoofy.jpg (187068 bytes)

9" tall
$9.50 each.



For more trophy options, be sure to take a look at our full line
of trophies
shown on the other sports trophy pages.

We can put a male or female bowling figure,
or a generic bowling figure
on any of our trophies!

Open: Tuesday-Friday 12-5 Saturday 10-1

Please call if you have any questions
(925) 778-1244, or email us at