Poker Awards

All awards include a FREE personalized
nameplate with no limit on the number of letters.

All trophies are custom! Your choice of figure style and color of columns & nameplates.

Classic Poker Resin

8" tall $29.95 each.

Oval Poker Resin

$29.95 each.

Poker Hand Resin

6" tall.
$18.95 each.

Three Star
Poker Award

Poker3star.jpg (252107 bytes)

6 1/2" tall.
$10.95 each


Poker Trophy 1

Poker1col18inch.jpg (152698 bytes)

18 inches tall.
$24.95 each.

Poker Trophy 2

Poker2col30inch.jpg (175798 bytes)

30 inches tall.
$49.95 each.


Toilet Resin

For someone with a good sense of humor who didn't quite get the Royal Flush!  The Toilet Resin is 5" tall.  It's shown with a torch emblem on the lid, but it could have a poker emblem or any other stock or custom emblem.

$29.95 each.

Rear End Bobble Award

Here's another funny award.  The rear end of this resin horse actually bobbles.

$18.95 each



Custom Printed Poker Chips

For information on custom poker chips

available from our partners at ABC Gifts & Awards

click here: Nevada Jacks

For more trophy options, be sure to take a look at our full line
of trophies shown on the other sports trophy pages.

All trophies include a FREE personalized nameplate

with up to four lines of text, with no limit on the number of letters.