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Along with being one of the best in the business, (Tom) is also a great friend who knows and enjoys the games he covers. The information contained within these pages has to lead any reader to a greater understanding of a tough, fun business that both Tom and I love. Enjoy!
- Joe Buck, Fox Sports

Besides knowing the ins and outs of the truck and camera shots, what separates Tom as a great director is the fact that he has played the game professionally and he anticipates many of the plays before they happen.
-Mike Shannon, St. Louis Cardinals Legend and Broadcaster

When baseball fans walk up to the stadium, they pass right by the large tractor trailers.  Little do they know what goes on behind those doors: the hectic, change-by-the-minute, brilliant world of baseball on TV and the people that make it happen.  It's a world with low lights, bright monitors, and people who love the game so much they toil anonymously to bring it into your home night after night for six months.  One person has to call every shot, every replay, every graphic: the Director.  Climb up those metal stairs, swing open the heavy door and enter the world of Tom Mee, one of the best in the business.  It's baseball, and any sport, like you've never seen it before.
 -Bob Carpenter, 25-year Major League Baseball Announcer

Tom Mee is not just a TV guy working in baseball; because of his own professional playing experience, he is a baseball guy working in TV. When Tom is directing Cardinals games, he not only takes you into the dugout, he takes you onto the field right into the middle of the action. This book will also take you into his mind during a ballgame. You will be fascinated by all the details that go into a telecast!
- Pat Hughes, Radio Play-by-Play, Chicago Cubs

I’ve called hundreds of baseball and hockey games with Tom in the truck and I guarantee that nobody knows how to direct a telecast better. In today’s revved-up world of high-definition TV, it takes a razor-sharp mind combined with deep knowledge and love for the game to present it to demanding audiences. No audience is more in tune with its team than that of the St. Louis Cardinals; Tom’s incisive “cutting” of the game has helped make those memorable telecasts among the highest rated in all of baseball.
This book is must reading for serious fans as well as those who teach or study the fine art of directing live television. Grab this book and really get into the game!
- Doug McLeod, TV/Radio Play-by-Play Announcer




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